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Dr. Hanif is a dual board certified physician in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology in clinical practice in the Chicagoland area

He provides consulting services at multiple independent facilities in the Chicagoland area. He also provides expert witness services on a wide range of medical issues.

From Dr. Hanif

There is a common misconception that Diagnostic Radiologists simply interpret a stack of images throughout the day. Yes, one aspect of the job is to detect what is wrong or out of place on an image. The other, and significantly underrated aspect of our job, is the role in determining how to work-up a patient or deal with a complication. I receive about one phone call or visit to my office every 15 minutes from the moment I get to my desk in the morning until the end of the day from ER physicians, internal medicine physicians, oncologists, surgeons, nephrologists etc presenting a patient to me and asking me the next steps for diagnosis and management from an imaging perspective. I also get other common questions:

-imaging in patients with kidney failure
-imaging in patients with previously normal exams and sudden deterioration
-cancer follow-up from an imaging management perspective
-suspicion for active bleeding, and detecting this from an imaging perspective
-allergy to contrast dye, how to manage safely
-anxiety or inability to safely lay on table for imaging, what to do next?

As physicians lean heavily on this technology, which is now more inexpensive and accessible than ever, we have become both clinicians and diagnosticians from our offices. Combine that with my role as an Interventional Radiologist (or a radiologist that intervenes on patients), I also have active face to face encounters daily both in the office, on the procedure table, and in follow-up for a wide range of diseases, ranging from life threatening lung clots to treating spine fractures. As diagnostic and interventional radiologists, we have one of the widest ranging arcs in the field of medicine today.

Biopsy (including all organs, a fundamental skill set for interventional radiologists)
Blood vessel disease (including arteries and veins of the chest, arms, pulmonary artery, aorta, IVC, vessels in all organs in the abdomen and pelvis, and legs)
Bone disease (including evaluation of emergent cases of bone injury, existing surgical hardware, osteoporosis, bone related cancers and infection, kyphoplasty procedures for skeletal bone fractures)
Contrast: both iodine and gadolinium related contrast complications
Cancer (detection of cancer in lungs, lymph nodes, liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder/bile ducts, kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, bladder, uterus and ovaries, muscles, skin, and bones. Treatment of cancer techniques for cancer, most commonly utilized in the liver and kidney).
Emergency Radiology (evaluation of trauma or sudden injury presenting to the emergency room, including standards for evaluating patients from an imaging perspective. Special consideration for complex cases.)
Heart Disease (certified to read and interpret coronary CT angiograms)
Lung disease (specifically, clots or pulmonary embolism in the lungs, both detection and treatment. Other diseases including infection, cancer, and smoking/inhalation injury is also within the scope for diagnostic radiology).
Stroke (interpretation and evaluation of neck and brain imaging)
Infection (aka Sepsis) evaluation and treatment, with special focus on evaluation and treatment from a surgical and non-surgical perspective).
Women’s health (including uterine fibroids and pelvic vein congestion syndrome)

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Please reach out should you need Dr. Hanif’s consulting or expert witness services across a wide range of medical issues.

Dr. Samuel Hanif
(224) 818-6310

910 W Van Buren St. Suite 100
Unit #308
Chicago, Illinois 60607

Work Experience

Radiology and Nuclear Consultants

July 2017 - Present

Vascular & Interventional Radiologist
Rush University Medical Center

July 2016 - June 2017

Fellow, Interventional Radiology
Tenet Healthcare

June 2012 - 2016

Resident Physician


Fellowship, Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Rush Medical College of Rush University Medical Center

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - History

The George Washington University

Skillfull designer with extensive multitasking abilities, a good team player

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Please reach out should you need Dr. Hanif’s consulting or expert witness services across a wide range of medical issues.